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Web / blog HOSting

I chose SiteGround as my hosting company.

They aren’t the cheapest but neither are they the priciest. They are, in my carefully-researched opinion, the best. Why? Well..

Web and Blog hosting link to SiteGround.
  • Outstanding support: They answered my questions promptly, politely and thoroughly no matter how basic or seemingly obvious the answer might be. I received a response within an hour on a Sunday evening before I was even a customer. Colour me impressed! The customer-service manager of 20+ years in me was thrilled. This is an invaluable resource.
  • Speed: I have no idea how they do it, but you can find all the technical details here. All I know is that my blog loads lightning fast, updates are done within seconds and I never find myself tapping my fingers with impatience.
  • Security: 99.99% uptime. No kidding! The (proven) odds seem pretty good that if you want to read my blog, it’ll be right here waiting for you. SiteGround will monitor, backup and protect your site very well indeed.
  • They are independently owned, not owned by some vague corporate holding company. I like that!

Stock images

Alicia at Pixistock is amazing! She offers monthly freebies as well as paid memberships. Her site is a fount of useful information. Check out her work here.

Roxy at CGS Creative is another great resources. She has beautifully feminine pictures and some great tips to share. See her site here.