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My goal is to help you turn your “plan of sorts” into a life you love.

I want to turn the daily chaos into order by helping you figure out your goals and focus on the bigger picture.

We’ll talk about obligations, priorities, goals and mindset. We’ll also talk about scheduling, budgeting and meal planning.

I firmly believe in having a growth mindset and in being kind to yourself. I will encourage you to push yourself to attain your goals without compromising your health, both emotional and physical.

You might be managing well, but need to be more productive. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and need some practical advice. You are most likely somewhere in between, feeling the challenge of everyday existence. I’ll show you tested and true methods to reset the balance in your life.

Let’s get you making decisions, focusing your attention on what matters, feeling a renewed energy and becoming the most extraordinary version of you possible.

I am :

a Plan of Sorts - About Me
Productive mom, stepmom, entrepreneur with solutions, tips and trips for increased productivity and happiness.
  • a mom, step-mom, wife, entrepreneur and all-around busy person just like you
  • a coffee-lover who is naturally inclined to take care of everyone
  • a compulsive list-maker, out of both habit and necessity
  • a successful business person who tends to have the attention-span of a gnat
  • excellent at finding solutions to problems big and small.  Read More

You are :

Looking for something. A better way to do things? A clearly defined purpose? A clear path to achieving a goal? Trying to figure out a way out of debt? Wanting to decrease stress and increase happiness? Just plain curious to read what people have to say?  


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