a Plan of Sorts journey

Hi there! I’m glad you found this page. Join me as I share how my “plan of sorts” turned into a life I love.

I started this blog intending to start consulting again but have discovered that, while I’m still wired to jump in with all cylinders, my body’s putting some serious limits on my intentions. So I’m changing things up.

I’ll share some recipes, productivity and green living tips, thoughts and ideas. In other words, from soup to nuts and everything in between!

Join me on this interesting journey and marvel with me at how it’s perfectly alright to go with a Plan of Sorts rather than an itemized blueprint.

I am :

a Plan of Sorts - About Me
Productive mom, stepmom, entrepreneur with solutions, tips and trips for increased productivity and happiness.
  • a mom, step-mom, wife, entrepreneur and all-around busy person just like you
  • a coffee-lover who is naturally inclined to take care of everyone
  • a compulsive list-maker, out of both habit and necessity
  • a successful business person who tends to have the attention span of a gnat
  • excellent at finding solutions to problems big and small.  Read More

You are :

Looking for something. A different way to do things? A clearly defined purpose? Something to read while you’re unexplainably awake or avoiding something? Just plain curious to read what people have to say?  


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